How to Schedule a Critique

Live streaming classes at Vitruvian Studio include a weekly critique for each enrolled student.

Critiques provide an opportunity for students to get personalized feedback on their progress in a way that just isn’t possible during the group class sessions, so we encourage everyone to sign up! All critiques are 30 minutes in duration, and are conducted individually in private, one-on-one Zoom calls between each student and the class instructor(s).

You can schedule a critique appointment with us in 2 steps, using the 2 separate forms below.

Begin with Step 1 to choose a day and time for your appointment in the booking form (be sure to click the “Next” button after entering your phone number to complete your booking).

In Step 2, submit a photo of your drawing so we can see your work. Be sure to fill in all required fields in the photo upload form, then click “Submit”.

Step 1: Book An Appointment For Your Critique

Use the booking form below to schedule an appointment with us each week to discuss your drawing. Since we have students enrolled from multiple time zones, we’re making a broad range of time slots available Monday through Saturday. Once your appointment is booked, you’ll receive an email confirmation containing a link to your Zoom appointment. When the time comes, just click that link and you’ll be taken directly to your meeting with us.

Please limit your bookings to just one per week. Appointments in excess of one per week per student won’t be honored. Also, the software we use for bookings requires that something be entered in the phone number field. If you don’t want to share your phone number with us, just enter any text in that field so you’ll be able to complete the booking.


Step 2: Upload a Photo of Your Drawing.

First, be sure you’ve completed your booking above by clicking the “NEXT” button after you enter your phone number.

You’ll also need to upload a photo of your drawing so we can see how you’re doing. The better the image you submit, the more effectively we can evaluate your work. Please photograph your drawing in a well-lit environment, and try to hold the camera as steady as possible. If you have a tripod, consider using that or stabilize your camera against the back of a chair while shooting.

Also, try to shoot at a perpendicular angle to your drawing, meaning at 90º to the surface of the paper. This will eliminate potential “perspective distortions” that could misrepresent your work and make it harder for us to offer meaningful feedback.

Lastly, please ensure that all 4 corners of the page are visible in the photo – don’t crop the image inside the edges of the paper. This will help us on our end to further eliminate distortions and improve the accuracy of the image.

Upload Your Drawing (LSC)

Use this form to upload your work for critique.
  • Remember to include all 4 corners of your page in the image.
    Accepted file types: jpeg, jpg, gif, png, pdf.
  • Please provide the height and width dimensions of your page (in inches or centimeters). This will further help us to remove any perspective distortions in your image.
  • Use this field to tell us about any particular difficulties or questions you may have. We'll be sure to address these in your critique.

Need to Change Your Appointment Time?

If you’ve already booked a critique with us, but need to change your time slot, you’ll need to cancel your appointment first using the link below. Then, just make another booking as before using the date picker above.