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Not sure where to go next? Build on what you've learned from our courses in a supportive online community.


Not sure where to go next? Build on what you've learned from our courses in a supportive online community.

"What's next?"

"What's next?" is something we hear frequently from students upon completing a course at Vitruvian Studio. It's a fair question. After all, learning to draw well is a journey that unfolds gradually over time. While a good course can certainly be helpful, nobody achieves mastery without sustained, focused and guided effort.

Our Studio Practice Group provides a solution to the problem of what's next. It's a supportive community of Vitruvian students that provides the resources, motivation and feedback necessary to build on what you've learned from our courses, keeping you on track with developing your skills.

Members of the group have access to a library of photo references, a community forum for discussion and sharing, our back-catalog of live streaming class recordings with over 72 hours of content (with more added regularly), and sneak peeks at artwork in progress shared by Vitruvian Studio instructors. With an optional critiques add-on, students can book biweekly one-on-one Zoom meetings with instructors for personalized feedback on their work, which is helpful both for learning and for staying motivated.

Practice Makes Perfect.

Our courses offer a thorough, nuts-and-bolts presentations of our studio process. But there’s more to learning to draw than just knowing what to do. As with any skill, mastery comes from repetition.

Once you've learned the procedure from a course, the next step is to repeat it with different subjects, different lighting environments, and with drawings of different durations and degrees of complexity.

In short, the next step is to practice.

Our Studio Practice Group provides a friendly and supportive venue to rehearse, ensuring that your development doesn't stall.


Routine Makes It Easier.

Lots of accomplished people – from professional musicians to productivity gurus – all say the same thing: you can achieve more if you stick to a routine.

That means setting aside time to focus on something regularly. It’s not enough to say "I’ll do it as much as I can” or “whenever I get a chance”. Life is complicated, and such vague commitments are eaily brushed aside, leading to procrastination.

Our Studio Practice Group provides routine by encouraging students to check-in weekly with their latest progress. Share what you're working on with the group, and instructors and students alike can respond with advice and encouragement. This helps provide direction and accountability, giving you goals to meet each week.

With A Little Help From Your Friends...

We can make more progress if we can communicate with others facing the same challenges. That’s why our Studio Practice Group includes discussion areas where members can share their work, ask questions, and both offer and receive encouragement from like-minded students from all over the world. Vitruvian instructors will also be present in the forum to offer feeback and advice, as well as share their own work in progress.
Making artwork is often a solitary pursuit, and it can be hard to know how to proceed without input. Being part of a like-minded community that's rooting for your success can be hugely motivating and rewarding. We all do better when we're in it together!


While the forums are a good place to get information, some students may want more in-depth feeback. That’s why the Studio Practice Group features a limited number of premium memberships that include biweekly video conference critiques with instructors, much like the critique extensions offer in our online courses.
Just make an appointment twice a month to meet with Vitruvian Instructors on Zoom. We'll talk with you one-on-one about your artwork, pointing out what you did right, what you need to work on, and suggestions for next week’s session.

Who Can Join?

Eligibility to participate to the Studio Practice Group is limited to past or existing Vitruvian online students – at least for now. In other words, you must have taken a course with us previously to join. We do this to ensure that everyone is on the same page with respect to working in the Vitruvian way. The Studio Practice Group isn’t the place to learn the basics for the first time, it’s a place to practice them. This keeps everyone in the group focused on moving forward, not on bringing new members up to speed.

Ready to Begin?

As long as you've completed at least one Vitruvian Studio online course, simply choose an enrollment level below to get started...

Full Membership

$120 / Month
  • New photo references every month
  • Access to group forum for community discussion and sharing
  • Ongoing access to previous Live Streaming Class recordings..
  • 2 private critiques on Zoom each month with Vitruvian Studio instructors.
  • VIP access to in-progress shots and discussion of instructor artwork
  • Minimum 2 month enrollment is required

Please note: the Studio Practice Group requires a minimum 2 month enrollment.