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  1. Adrian Fletcher

    So many people have been looking for this type of expertise… This kind of openness.

    Thank you for your unselfish lending of everything you have learnt, from your tools to your methods.

    This fellow artist is greatly appreciative. I wish to teach someday but have a long way to go, if and when I do though, it will be a lot like this.

    Thank you!

  2. Profile photo of Kathleen

    I really love both the basic drawing and portrait drawing courses. They are excellent!!! I really like how detailed it is and how David explains and shows so well what he teaches. I am hoping there are more online courses coming… (anatomy, still painting, etc) and maybe a full online program for those of us far away. Courses like yours is what I have been looking for. Thank you so much!!!
    Kathy from Puerto Rico 🙂

  3. Profile photo of Ryan

    Purchased both the portrait downloads and found them both educational and a thing of beauty watching David take the initial proportional and measurement stage right through to the finished rendering with a breath taking final result, as a self taught artist of 2 years I have had to use you tube art vids and books to try and educate myself, these downloads are amazing and great value also I look forward to further downloads and online training I would love the chance to train full time at Vitruvian studio but this is impossible as I live in Scotland, David is a fantastic artist and teacher and I can’t wait till the next instalment.


  4. rgr

    The video about David is apparently private? Is that just a settings error?

  5. Fiona

    Thank you, David and Melinda, for these inspired and even more so, inspiring videos. After processing an extensive amount of information on the internet and Youtube, I landed on the Vitruvian Studio website looking for your extended videos and was shocked to see how good these videos really are! The work itself is beautiful and full of light. The volume of information is astounding. You didn’t hold back in “teaching” as much as you could in such a short time-frame. I felt like I was right there in the studio with you and that you were “speaking my language”. Your responses to questions were thoughtful and very thorough and your sequential approach made perfect sense to me. Unfortunately, my Atelier is at home, so all I can say is …more please!

  6. Profile photo of Pizawl

    What I like about this video is that David is as eloquent in his ability to paint with words as he is at being able to capture a likeness. The commentary is not only helpful for understanding the thought process behind his execution, but also helps one see where to focus attention at specific stages of a drawing. Can’t wait for future installments!

  7. Dave

    I personally love to work with light in black and white, so naturally these two videos grabbed my attention. David demonstrated how he could produce a work of art that is just as full and enriching as any full blown finished work in color while working within these restricted color and medium variables. I can’t wait to give it a try myself! Thanks very much, I thought the concept you introduced was awesome!

  8. Nikola Nevenov

    The video is interesting and instructive.During your initial form build up I found that the method I came up….on my own is pretty much the same with yours.However I found it interesting and educating how you developed it.I usually work a lot on my drawings ….but I understand now that I put to much effort and the end result is not as stunning like yours.So thank you for putting out this video.
    Also a suggestion that maybe you can make a tutorial where you do some of your classes yourself and explain the process.And split it on parts so the price is not as big as the classes, so people with low income can purchase each part of the lesson whenever they can,while the sum of all the parts could end up in similar to the price you ask for the class.I’ve been trained in an academy and I know that nothing beats the real life studio work.But still people like me that are unable to do a class with you(since I’m from a different country), can still receive the knowledge you have and wish to share.

  9. Profile photo of nigelart

    David’s Portrait Drawing Video with Instructional Commentary is an extremely valuable resource for any portrait artist wishing to enhance their skills and technique.

    The video is clear. It provides simple information and instruction on some of the issues that can elude a beginner. There are close-up views of the work in progress and you can see how the application of minor changes can have a major impact on the whole portrait.

    Information about the type of materials is clear and concise and the video is packed with snippets of insight into the use of these to achieve the desired effect, which in this case is nothing short of superb!

    This video is a gold-mine of information!

    Thank you David for providing this so affordably.

    Having ‘stumbled’ upon this video and David’s art school on-line, it’s my strong hope that further videos and in fact courses, will be available to download on Portrait drawing, painting and anatomy.

    Best Wishes
    Nigel Millross, London UK

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