6.5 – Cube: Value Study

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Remember, the goal with a value study is to keep things simplified. The tendency can be to over-develop the study, spending more time and effort on it that is intended. Use the study to learn what you need to know about the overall value structure of the image, then move on to the main drawing.


  1. Eileen Cole

    Hi, This lesson is not downloading for me. There is a series of angled lines moving from right to left which just continues instead of starting the lesson. The only other lesson which presented this same problem was in one of the value progressions. I am so impressed with the clarity and deliberate nature of your teaching. Thank you, Eileen

    1. David Jamieson Post author

      Hi Eileen,

      Do you mean the video won’t play? I’ve just tested the the lesson video and it plays fine here, which means the issue is likely something local to your machine. Usually, such problems can be flushed out with a reboot of your system (shutting down your computer and turning it on again). Try that, and let me know what happens.


    2. David Jamieson Post author

      Also, I just realized that the “diagonal lines” you cite are in the progress bar, not in the video frame itself. Is that right? If so, those lines indicate the video is “buffering” – pre-loading in advance of playing. Long buffer times could mean there’s an issue with your internet connection, either with your ISP (internet service provider), your modem, or perhaps your WiFi router. In this instnace, rebooting your modem and/or router could help, or you may just need to wait-out the issue if there’s a network problem in your area.

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