A 6 week class presenting simple strategies for achieving convincing, natural flesh tones, starting Sunday, July 7th!


A 6 week class presenting simple strategies for achieving convincing, natural flesh tones, starting Sunday, July 7th!

Our Live Streaming Classes are designed to mimic as closely as possible the experience of taking an on-ground class in person. Each class is scheduled with a specific start date and end date and is comprised of 6 or 8 distinct class sessions that meet at a specific time.

Classes consist of 2 main components:

  • Live streaming video demonstrations with real-time interaction between instructor and students via Zoom.
  • Discussion forums on our website for further interaction between class sessions.

The live video via Zoom is where the demonstration happens, and students are expected to be logged-in at class time to watch and participate. Each student is encouraged to work in tandem with the instructor, and a high-quality photo reference of the model will be provided for the class. Students can ask questions in real time while the demo is happening, and after each class session, students can continue to interact with instructors and each other in the forum – a place for ongoing discussion and Q&A between live broadcasts.

Since some students may occasionally be unable to attend class at the designated time, a recording of the previous class session will remain available for one week after broadcast.

Live Streaming Class Schedule

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What Our Students Are Saying...


I had an amazing experience. The weekly streaming instruction (via Zoom) was recorded, I could download, review the lesson then worked on the drawing after class. The streaming instruction screen has three views; photo of the model, close-up of area the teacher was working on and the anatomy “topography” of model’s face. The instructions on the anatomy really helped me understood how to properly draw the face using a photo reference. The weekly critique was valuable, Dave and Mindy devised effective methods to give feedback online. It was clear how much efforts and thoughts went into preparing for this class and I look forward to taking more classes with them again.

Wenhwa, Chicago, IL

To be able to see each pencil line and brush stroke is invaluable. And the individual critique sessions made all the difference because I could ask specific questions and see my mistakes through David’s and Mindy’s kind eyes. This class gave me so much more confidence.

Alice, Southwest Harbor, ME

I have taken several classes through Vitruvian, but the live streaming class has been my favorite because I feel like I have learned the most. Both David and Melinda are very talented teachers and amazing artists. It is mesmerizing to see them work. The live streaming critiques are incredibly helpful because both of them are very patient, supportive and very down to earth. I am looking forward to the next class. Hope to see you there!

Leifi, Eagel Mountain, UT

This live-streamed course was a terrific addition to the collection of recorded on-line courses offered by Vitruvian Studio. The detailed and direct approach to representational realism used here is supremely satisfying and ingrains both deep understanding and technique in the student. Starting from the Basic Drawing course barely 6 months ago, through the just-completed live-streamed portrait drawing course, I have developed from hardly being able to read my own handwriting (really) to producing portraits of family members that astound both me and them. Moreover, with every bit of progress I manage, I am able to see not only how much more I still have to learn, but how to proceed to learn and master it. The system and method courses can't touch this aspect of the benefit of Vitruvian Studio courses.

A particular asset in the design of these courses is the critique option...It is hard to overstate how valuable is the ability to have a weekly live meeting with David and Melinda. Both are astonishingly talented masters in their work as well as supremely gifted instructors, developing courses that uncannily and comprehensively hit all the points and issues so needed by beginners in drawing like me.

This ability comes to personalized life for all of us in the critiques. With a natural aspiration to encourage as well as develop each student, they bring a rare and refreshing combination of graceful encouragement and respectful frankness to these sessions which adds an incalculably valuable enhancement to the instruction. It's the difference between reading an excellent book that you believe has taught you incredible ideas and skills, and sitting down with the author who then guides you personally to new insights and perspectives that you could not have imagined or perceived on your own. Take the critiques. Looking forward with great enthusiasm to the courses to come!

Jim, Istanbul, TURKEY

I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to improve their portrait drawing skills. David and Melinda are excellent teachers and I would recommend that you sign up for the critiques because these are invaluable. I have taken several classes over the internet and this was by far the best.

Peter, Culpeper, VA

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