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The discipline of cast drawing has helped artists develop their observational drawing skills for centuries, and is a staple of our sequence of instruction at Vitruvian Studio. Cast work can be challenging, and presents some clear advantages for students over working from live models. Casts never move, never take breaks, and never need to be paid by the hour. Being a consistent white local color, casts allow students to focus on the challenges of describing form, structure and light without the added distractions of varying surface colors, textures and opacities found on other objects.

Suggested Items:

This course guides you through a procedure for drawing a plaster cast. As such, you'll need some drawing materials if you're going to complete the course work.

Specific materials recommendations are available in the course if you prefer to secure these items on your own, but for your convenience we also offer these items for sale.

Since cast drawing is really about working “from life”, it is recommended that students acquire their own cast to draw from during the course. The cast used in this course costs about $45 (US).

We have 2 suppliers for this cast to help keep shipping costs to a minimum. Students in North America might consider purchasing the cast from Giust Gallery in Massachusetts. Students in Europe, Asia and Australia might consider purchasing from closer to home via Felice Calchiin Rome.

For those students unable to procure their own cast, an HDR photo reference and a 3D digital view of the cast are provided as an alternative.

Eye of David cast from Giust Gallery. Click image for purchase information.

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David Jamieson is a Canadian-born fine art draftsman and painter, teaching courses in drawing and painting at Vitruvian Fine Art Studio in Chicago.

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