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Weekday Atelier

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Weekday Atelier

An Option for More Sustained Study...

A number of our students have requested the opportunity to study on a more in-depth and regular basis than what's offered in our weekly classes. In response, we've put together a program of study that aims at a broader and more thorough learning experience. In brief, the program proceeds as follows:

Students begin with simple drawing and painting exercises that facilitate an understanding of form and light, and learn to apply this knowledge in a series of studies in graphite and grisaille. Emphasis here is on value – it's critical role in the description of form and space – and on building a flexible "vocabulary of form" that can be applied to any subject. Such understanding can be an artist's most valuable asset, which is why we start here, and stick with it until the concepts are grasped thoroughly.

Upon completion of these studies, students proceed to study the human figure with greater confidence. Figure work begins with portrait studies and proceeds to full-figure drawings in graphite and grisaille. The simpler forms studied previously come back into focus as their influence can be seen in the myriad organic forms of the body, making it easier to understand the complexity of human anatomy. Concurrently, once the student has achieved a strong grasp of form, color is introduced via a series of still life paintings that require students to address the added dimensions of hue and chroma in their work.

Finally, when a degree of comfort working in color has been reached we return to the figure with painting studies in color. At this stage, students can draw upon the knowledge gained from all previous exercises while painting the figure from life - a grasp of structure, value, hue, chroma and a confident familiarity with oil paint will combine to yield highly finished figure paintings.

Weekday Study is designed to be ongoing and open ended. Unlike our weekly classes, there is no scheduled start date. Rather, students begin when they're ready – or when a vacancy becomes available – and proceed at their own pace. Instruction is provided on an individual basis to meet the needs of the particular student.

Cast Drawing by Vitruvian Student John Metido.
Cast Drawing by John Metido, Graphite and Chalk on Paper

Class sessions meet on Mondays and Tuesdays from 9:30am – 12:30pm. Students are eligible to sign-up for one or two sessions per week, and tuition is levied monthly. The price per session is on par with that of our weekly classes.

One Day Per Week

$200 / Month

  • Monday or Tuesday

Two Days Per Week

$320 / Month

  • Monday and Tuesday

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