Figure Drawing 5-Day Workshop



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This class presents the fundamentals of figure drawing in 5 consecutive days. We pack an entire course-worth of information into a week of drawing and learning. Topics covered will include:

  • Drawing Materials: What we use and why we use it.
  • The Drawing Process: Building illusionistic form from linear block-in to tonal rendering.
  • Mechanics of Light: Light is the primary subject of illusionistic artwork. The concept of how light works across form will be emphasized repeatedly.
  • Anatomy and Structure: Key anatomical structures determine the major masses of the figure, and these are addressed first. Later, structural characteristics of the torso and limbs are discussed one by one.

As with most of our on-ground drawing and painting workshops, this class will feature a live model in a single pose for all 5 days. We prefer the long-pose format because it allows time for students to work carefully and still develop their work to completion, which we think makes a better learning experience for everyone.

At Vitruvian Studio, we take a “show & tell” approach to teaching. To that end, we’ll also develop our own figure drawings during the workshop as an ongoing demonstration, keeping pace with students, providing a real-time example of the drawing process throughout the workshop. When we’re not drawing and explaining to the group, we’ll be working with students individually at their own easels to ensure that everyone does their best work.