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The “block-in” is a well-established approach to starting a figure drawing or painting. A kind of “low-res” expression of the figure, a good block-in addresses all the big, important concepts that form the foundation of sound figure drawing: size, placement, proportion, boundary, tilt, axis, convexity, etc. Our long-pose drawing classes build on the idea of a good block-in, but don’t themselves offer much opportunity to practice this important stage of building a drawing. That’s what Block-in Bootcamp is for. This 6 week class emphasizes this all-important first stage of drawing the figure with several short to medium length poses with a variety of models.

Practice makes perfect, and this class is a good way to get more experience developing a good block-in.

3 reviews for Block-in Bootcamp Live Streaming Class

  1. Deedle Whitcher (verified owner)

    David and Mindy have mastered the ZOOM teaching experience. The Block in Bootcamp projects were chosen in a manner that awakened and rewarded the beginner, yet also challenged the more advanced. The classes were flawlessly presented, using tools that analyzed and clarified the drawing process: breaking it down into logical, progressive steps. Somehow, they achieved a supportive teaching environment which was stimulating yet collegial and personal – unusual in an online format. Most importantly, the quality of instruction was unsurpassed and inspiring. The Block In Bootcamp has been the best drawing instruction I have ever had, and if offered again, I would repeat it over and over. Highly recommended.

  2. Lisa K (verified owner)

    This was my second course at Vitruvian Studio. I loved it!!! I started as a complete beginner with drawing fundamentals and this course seemed like a good follow-on. I can see a huge difference in my ability to block in a head/face or body in six weeks by looking at my before and after drawings. What I liked most about this course was learning the techniques behind making a head or body recognizable – how to measure, triangulate, rely on shadow shapes, alignment of forms on the model, etc. Watching two artists draw the same model while I did too was really helpful. When I had technical challenges, I could see how they solved the problem. I also enjoyed the banter during this live course which helped keep a three hour session from seeming long. I am thrilled that I ran across Vitruvian Studio. This was my second course, and I am in the middle of the third and about to start the fourth. The courses are excellent, or I wouldn’t be back. The sound and video quality is great, the instruction is well thought out and builds logically from class to class, and it feels like I’m building a solid foundation of skills. There have been no technical glitches or problems that held up class. The instructors were quick to answer questions and respond to messages. It’s a class act!

  3. Gihan Zohdy (verified owner)

    That it is an excellent preparation for a well done drawing in the realist tradition, and even more so, a superb means of learning to observe and study any model whether live or photographed. Fluency in this basic function allows for unhindered freedom of expression because a string structure will be already there.

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