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The capacity of the human face to express emotion is nearly limitless. The most subtle differences in the trajectory of an eye lid or a corner of the mouth can speak volumes about the inner state of the sitter, and ought to be taken seriously by any student of portraiture. But most portrait drawing classes focus on the fundamentals of achieving a likeness, while largely ignoring the vast and complex topic of facial expression. With Expressive Portraits, we aim to change that. In this 6 week class, we’ll explore 3 distinct facial expressions in 3 portrait drawings, each accompanied by detailed information about the various anatomical structures involved. We’ll draw the same model for all three portraits, allowing for efficient analysis of what changes, and what stays the same across different expressive states, and a deeper analysis of what it means to capture a likeness in portraiture. As with most of our Live Streaming Classes, this class will feature two instructors. Working from the same reference images, instructor David Jamieson will focus more on the drawing side of things, while Melinda Whitmore will deliver relevant anatomical information via lecture, diagrams, and on-camera demonstration. In this way, students will gain insight into what changes on the face across different expressive states, and also why. This “two pronged” approach to teaching is a hallmark of Live Streaming Classes at Vitruvian Studio. Two instructors, working simultaneously, allows for cross-pollination of ideas, techniques and concepts that enriches the learning experience for everyone. This class will be streamed live on Zoom every week. The primary class session will meet on Sunday afternoons (Central time), when the instructors will present real-time demonstrations and lecture material on-camera. Students are encouraged to work along and ask questions in real time. For students unable to attend the live sessions, a recording of each class will be made available for one week until the next class session begins.


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