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This enrollment level grants access to all 8 Sunday class sessions live on Zoom, weekly class replay videos, and an exclusive area on our website featuring a discussion forum and photo gallery where students can ask questions and share their progress throughout the week.

4 reviews for FDL Single Enrollment

  1. Peter Godfrey (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend this class and David and Melinda are fantastic teachers. In order to get the best experience in learning you will need to sign up for the weekly critiques. I feel this teaching format is the wave of the future and will replace onsite workshops! My only suggestion to improve the class is to have anatomical drawings available when discussing the areas we are drawing. Thanks for a great class!

  2. Gihan Zohdy (verified owner)

    Definately. A complex subject was perfectly handled, both serious and with a touch of humour that made it even more appealing. Every step was clearly explained and the aesthetic aspect touched upon which I find fundamental. A sense of awe for the human form was evident throughout the entire course. I would only love one more touch: a presentation of the closer value knit across the entire physique.

  3. Heidi Huck (verified owner)

    The Vitruvian Studio’s Figure Drawing is an exceptionally well constructed online course. Melinda and David tag team live demonstrations – both rendering the model. The figure reference and both instructor’s work is seen simultaneously. There is no wasted space, no silent lulls. Each sessions is full of useful pearls and solid anatomic reference. The course is set up to accommodate all skill levels. The one-on-one critique option adds exceptional value. Each assessment provides individualized, constructive feedback.

  4. Neelesh Joshi (verified owner)

    I loved the development of our figure drawing in logical steps. The in-class banter and sharing of personality between our instructors gave a human element to the artistic process – we are not robots mechanically reproducing what we see – our art is a product not only of our skills, but even factors such as how you feel in your studio that day and all the funny stories and challenges of the past that you bring to the tip of your pencil! I also appreciated being able to share my work with the group and seeing others’s work and exchanging messages. One difficulty I had was I used an iPhone to take pictures and Apple seems to be using a .HEIC photo format that the current Vitruvian upload system couldn’t handle. Not a huge deal to convert to .jpeg but just thought I’d mention it for future submissions.

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