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“Why is drawing hands so hard?” If you’ve spent any time learning to draw the human figure, you’ve probably asked yourself this question at some point. The human hand is a beautifully complex structure, capable of a vast range of movement, making it one of the most expressive parts of the body. It’s also one of the most difficult to draw well. The sheer variety of different postures and gestures the hand can articulate presents a unique challenge to artists, requiring in-depth study and repetitive drawing studies in order to master.

This 6 week class is designed to help students better grasp this demanding subject with several short to medium length drawings of different hands in a variety of positions. Practice is paramount, and this class is a good way to get more experience drawing convincing hands.

This class will be streamed live on Zoom every week. The primary class session will meet on Sunday afternoons (Central time), when the instructor(s) will perform an extended demonstration on-camera. Each demo will focus on developing a block-in from scratch, and students are encouraged to work along with the instructor(s) and ask questions in real time. For students unable to attend the live sessions, a recording of each class will be made available for one week until the next class session begins.

Photo references will be made available to all students each week. These will be the same references the instructors will be using, and as such, we’ll all be able to draw the same model, from the same point of view in every class – something not possible with traditional on-ground classes with a live model.


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