New Drawing, Familiar Face.

Today I published a new video to Youtube – it's one of the time-lapse portrait drawing demonstrations I do from time to time. What I like about this one is the model.

We've worked with DaLawn Simpson at the studio since we opened nearly 11 years ago, and he's one of our favorite models. He's fun to draw, holds the pose like a rock, and is multi-talented, being an avid cyclist and professional 9-string guitar player. DaLawn always brings a great energy to the studio, and I'm happy to have had the chance to draw him again – this time documenting it on camera.

I hope you enjoy the video!

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  1. Jonathan Gaetke

    Hi David, been watching for some time, and holding my breath in hopes of a “Holiday sale ” for your online classes . Looks unlikely. I want to purchase the drawing basics course firmly believing good drawing is good drawing and the skill sets learned are transferable to my landscape work. Best, Jonathan Gaetke

  2. stef

    you keeps the proportions
    all is good

  3. Eston

    I am not impressed. To be impressed would be to belittle your work. You are a chosen among men. That is my view.

  4. James Smith

    Beautiful David !!!!! Wow !!!!

  5. Leonard

    Amazing work!! I want to participate. When do the in studio classes start again for live figure drawing?


    Excellent job…
    You are an amazing artist
    Hats off to u….
    Can you tell me how much time did u take to draw this portrait ?

  7. Helen

    Absolutely amazing! Thanks you so much for sharing your excellent skill. Helen

  8. Lauren Turney

    So amazing…..and truly stunning!

  9. Margaret

    That’s truly awesome, David! Your technic in drawing is natural and very inspiring. Thank you for the tutorial video! I look forward to watching more videos like this.

  10. Carmen Eggers

    I so enjoy watching you draw. I want to be better and watching you inspires me
    Bonnie Eggers

  11. Nasser

    You are a Master , and it is our privilege to learn from you , we hope to see big offers in Portrait Course .

  12. Maurice Fletcher

    I felt like giving up on doing portraits because it’s rather challenging changing from my way (non blocking-in) to Blocking-In, when Blocking-In offers so much more Realism and dimension. After seeing This ,,,yes i’m much more motivated to get back in the saddle!! Definitely one of the Best artists i’ve Ever seen and whose work i admire!!


    Loved the video, I have a question though, what was the total time from start to finish?
    Wonderful, thank you for sharing. Turned out spectacular.

  14. Susan Wrzesinski

    Loved it. You are an inspiration. Thanks!

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