What we offer...


Drawing Classes

Our Drawing classes for adults emphasize the fundamentals of representational art. Line, shape, form, structure, proportion, light and movement are all studied, discussed and demonstrated. Each drawing class offers a different path toward mastering these concepts and employing them in beautiful drawings.
Demonstration Painting from Still Life Class at Vitruvian Fine Art Studio.

Painting Classes

Our Painting classes build upon the foundation of drawing to complete the visual experience. These painting classes foster an understanding light, form, color, and mastery of the material itself. Each class focuses on a different subject in oil painting – such as Portrait Painting and Still Life Painting – or on a different palette or painting technique – such as the Dead Palette or Indirect Painting.
Figure Sculpture by Melinda Whitmore at Vitruvian Fine Art Studio, Art Schools Chicago

Sculpture Classes

Our sculpture classes are all about form: The subtle forms of the human figure, and their expression through clay. Each class emphasizes the fundamentals of the figure – form, movement, gesture and anatomy – while helping students develop their own individual “form sense” – a unique voice for expressing 3-dimensional form.

Anatomy Classes

Our anatomy classes are about knowing what lies under the skin. Study anatomy to see past the surface and learn why something appears as it does, and mysterious forms will soon become familiar. Artists have long studied anatomy to represent the human figure with accuracy. With our anatomy classes, know what lies under the skin and know yourself better in the process.
"Sphere", student exercise, 12" x 12"

Weekday Atelier

Designed for those seeking to develop their skills on an ongoing basis, our Weekday Atelier sessions are tailored to the individual. Meeting Monday through Thursday, students can enroll for one, two, three or four days per week and progress through our sequential training program in drawing and painting.
Tess Square


Some of what we offer in class is available in video format. These downloadable videos focus on specific aspects of our studio practice, with new titles arriving regularly. Be sure to check our website often for the latest offerings.

What our students say...

I took classes at the art institute for years, but didn’t learn as much as I did in a single class session at Vitruvian. Why pay for art college when you can learn more here for a fraction-of-a-fraction of the cost? No other art schools in Chicago offer this.

I was looking for a figure drawing class that was serious, but also good for beginners. Figure Drawing Basics at Vitruvian was a perfect fit. It was challenging, but the lessons were clearly explained and demonstrated. I learned a lot in that art class.

I’ve had drawing classes at other art schools in Chicago but I learned more in four weeks at Vitruvian than I did in four months at art college. I’m able to finish outlining the entire figure in a single class where it used to take me a week! This drawing class pays for itself. Money well spent.