5 Days of Focus.

We’re half-way through our portrait workshop for January and we’re reminded once again of the advantages that come from focus. Many of our classes meet on a weekly basis, which suits our students’ schedules perfectly. But 7 days between class sessions can feel like an eternity – it can take time to find your place again in the flow of a drawing or painting after a whole week. This week, we’re aware that there’s nothing quite like being able to work on the same drawing or painting for several consecutive days. It’s better for maintaining focus and clarity of thought, which ultimately leads to better decisions – and we can see it in the work.

We’re already looking forward to our next 5-day workshop, Color Theory, scheduled to begin in March.

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  1. Do you plan another Five Days of Focus workshop later this year or next year? I need to plan well ahead, and would love the chance to spend extended time in your studio. Thanks

  2. I loved this workshop! I learned so much about drawing and sculpting the forms of the face, what it means to form a likeness and the drawing process in general. It was definitely a challenge and intense, but it was a priceless experience. Can’t wait to try another portrait! Thanks again Mindy and David! You’re the best!