AMI 2014 Annual Conference at Mayo Clinic.

We’re thrilled to be participating in the American Medical Illustrators Annual Conference at Mayo Clinic! This years event features dozens of presentations from luminaries in the biomedical visualization field on diverse topics including:

  • The Microanatomy of the Human Inner Ear, by Dr. Robert D. Acland
  • Using Stereoscopy in Scientific Animation, by Ana María Campos
  • The Digital Écorché, by Andrew Cawrse
  • Graphic Medicine: Why Communicate Medical Information With Comics?, by Lydia Gregg
  • A Flipped Classroom Model for Teaching Anatomic Figure Drawing, Glen Hintz
  • And many more…

Melinda Whitmore and I will be conducting workshops at the conference. Mindy will focus on creating anatomical sculpture in clay, and I’ll be leading students through a portrait drawing session from the live model.

We’re excited and honored to be included among such an accomplished group of presenters. For more information about the annual conference, click here.

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