The Early Reviews Are In…

I just finished my first time through. It will take a lot of practice, I think, but I couldn’t be happier with the course. Thank you. It was as if I was sitting next to you in the studio and your explanations were terrific.

— Tim Madden, Queensland, Australia


Portrait Drawing — The Complete Online Course is now available…

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, but we’re pleased to announce that the response to our first online course has exceeded our expectations! It seems there are many happy students out there, and we’re thrilled to have extended our reach all the way around the world!

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More Reviews for Portrait Drawing — The Complete Online Course:

I am currently only about 1/3 thru the course and it is everything I had hoped! It is broken down into small/short snippets of process that I find easy to learn and apply. Sometimes instructors can get a little ‘moonbeamish’ with their presentation, but not David. Nothing better than concrete/useful cookbook ways of proceeding thru the process of blocking in…the most important piece of getting a likeness.

— Mike, New York, NY

Watching the videos, two choices offer: to enjoy the experience as a deliberative meditation in its own right (it’s always good to watch a skilled practitioner at work, be it a blacksmith, a leather-worker, a brick-layer or a visual artist, while asking how much further the artist must go to escape being merely the crafts-person); or to try for oneself to recreate the slow, detailed lesson in one’s own practice. ‘Gosh – I could do that!’ is one possible reaction (I suspect the one David Jamieson hopes to stimulate). Equally possible is: ‘I’ll never be able to do anything as good as that!’ Whatever the reaction, I recommend this experience. For anyone interested in the making of images, particularly those of the human face, and using traditional methods to do so, this is awe-inspiring.”

— Mike Newby, Devon, UK.

Somehow, much to my surprise I’ve become 66 years old. I’ve been trying, with minimal success to learn the mechanics, as well as the Feel (which comes more naturally) of how to draw faces. Triangulation, comparative measurement seemed like cold mathematical systems, antithetical to real Expression and Soul. Wrong ! I’m getting So Much out of your teaching:systematic, clear, precise and concise with wonderful results in your finished, or at least “that’s It .. I’m Done ! drawings. You’ve shown me that, as with music, Soul /Discipline/are proven tools,allowing one to keep moving unveiling and peeling away layers…..working towards the heart of some kind of Mystery that connects us, are Important and Necessary. Ah, it appears that you Can, teach an Old Dog new tricks. Deep thanks.”

–David Logan, Palm Springs, California

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  1. I’m loving these lessons so much … the commentary is fantastic. David is really a great teacher. I’m so excited! Highly recommend these lessons, Julie from New Zealand