New Video Download Available!

With each new video release on YouTube, we like to follow-up with an extended version for those interested in learning more. Last month we released our latest time-lapse demonstration video featuring the development of a cast drawing from start to finish. Today, we’re announcing the downloadable version, featuring – as usual – an instructional narration that explains key points in the process. I like to keep these videos casual – like the director’s commentary on a DVD – but include enough specific information that they’re both informative and fun to watch.

In this particular video, I start by discussing the topic of cast drawing broadly – what it is and why it’s worthwhile – and then segue into the demonstration itself. During the demo, I raise important concepts in sequence that are relevant both to drawing in general and cast drawing in particular.

You can find out more about the video here. I hope it’s as enjoyable to watch as it was to make!

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  1. Hi David, the link to the Hercules foot cast takes us to the David eye cast drawing course. Do you still have the foot cast video? (I’ve got the Hercules cast, and would really love to hear your commentary as I get going with the drawing.)

    1. Maicol, if you sign up to our email list you’ll automatically receive a free drawing materials guide that should answer all your questions. The signup form is at the bottom right corner of every page on our site.