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Drawing Tutorials: Comparative Measurement, Part II

By David Jamieson | 4 Comments

Comparisons of Size Next in our series of drawing tutorials is a discussion of size. Getting proportion right is really all about size relationships and the important question is this: How large is any given part of the figure relative to the rest? Let’s take the size of the head as an example. Conventionally, on […]

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Drawing Tutorials: Comparative Measurement, Part I

By David Jamieson | 7 Comments

In this and the next two drawing tutorials I plan to discuss measurement and its applications in drawing. One of the best drawing teachers I ever had was the late Deane G. Keller. He was passionate about drawing – a true romantic – but also had an analytical mind. He argued that drawing is a […]

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Frank Armitage Lecture Series at UIC

By Melinda Whitmore | 1 Comment

I’m pleased to be a part of this year’s Frank Armitage Lecture hosted by the Biomedical Visualization Department at University of Illinois, Chicago. The lecture series began in 2006, and to quote UIC’s website, “brings together experts from various disciplines in order to explore new opportunities for science visualization in the 21st Century.” Relevant to artistic […]

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New Website, New Possibilities!

By David Jamieson | 0 Comments
Website For The Vitruvian Fine Art Studio.

Welcome to our new website! This has been in the works for a few weeks now, and we’re thrilled to have it launched and operational. The new site provides a flexible platform for several features that we’ve been wanting to offer for some time, including an online enrollment and payment system that makes signing-up for […]

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Fort Wayne Museum of Art 2012 Contemporary Realism Biennial –– UPDATE!

By David Jamieson | 2 Comments
Painting Classes Chicago | Vitruvian Fine Art Studio

I was pleased to hear over the weekend that my still life painting “Nested” has been awarded 3rd place in the Fort Wayne Museum of Art 2012 Contemporary Realism Biennial exhibition. It’s an honor to receive an award in a museum show of such high quality, featuring nearly 100 works by artists from all around […]

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New Multi-Figure Sculpture by Melinda Whitmore!

By Melinda Whitmore | 0 Comments

I’ve been burning the candle at both ends lately on a new multi-figure sculptural composition for an upcoming exhibition in September.Exodus features a line of 7 figures arranged in an arc. The finished piece will hang on a wall, giving the impression that the figures, floating in space, are pulling out of the wall toward the viewer. […]

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